Monday, May 20, 2013

Viking Funeral

my last week at Dreamworks.  11 years of Dreamworking is now in its twilight hours. it's impossible not to sound cliche and sappy in goodbyes to people that i've lived so much life with. i really will miss you guys. thank you for the constant inspiration, which seems to come naturally when you're working with some of the worlds most gifted artists. i feel as though i won the lottery when i was given the opportunity work along side of you guys.  i'll always wonder how i fell into such an amazing job.  we made some pretty cool shit together and i hope to, one day, make some more cool shit with you. until then! <3

winter is coming!!

i couldn't help it... i've been watching this one show you might have heard of, Game of Thrones, and then all of the sudden i'm posting fan art. don't worry, no spoilers here, i haven't read the books, i can barely keep up with the show. 

btw this is the last one with the characters back to the camera... for awhile at least... i promise.