Monday, October 22, 2012

A Boat and a Friend

 Inspired by the Jaw Breaker song "The Boat Dreams from the Hill"

One of my favorite friends to draw/paint, my muse (ha), Travis Koller

Madagascar 3 Work

Part of what made working on "Madagascar 3" so fun was taking the style of "Madagascar", which had already and been established in the previous "Madagascar" films and tweaking it a little to try and capture some European sensibilities.

"Madagascar 3" color keys



And below are some props I did  for "Madagascar 3"

Saturday, October 20, 2012

rhino sketch... holy crap is that real paint?!

a quick study i did off an image i found on google. i think i searched "over sized ceiling fan"

a farewell card for the lovely Guillaume Aretos

a submission for an art blog that i semi-regularly participate in. featuring the fine beard of one Travis Kollerhe's the most surly saint there is.

greaser duck, another travistysbeard submission

Robots, super heros, super villians, sweet gadgetry! pinch me right in my face, cause it was a dream to work on this movie!

Megamind keys

an early exploration of metro city, in collaboration with my now pixar'd friend huy nguyen.

early, early building ideas
black mamba suit sketches 
metro man costume sketches

megamind is an animal lover

early ideas for megamind's whip!   
the brainbots that never were. 
megamind's other whip! 
hal's posters

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